Father’s Day Gifts for the Daddy Pitmaster

Father’s day is coming up, and you just might need a little help with getting your Daddy Pitmaster some gifts that tell him just how much you love him and that will keep on giving throughout the year.   Well, I’m here for you!   Not only will he appreciate each and every one of these, but it will help with his prime directive: keep his wife and children happy.   So check out some of these options, put a puffy bow on top, and enjoy the results.

  1.  Meadow Creek TS120, Reverse flow, offset smoker    

TS120Alright, so you just got your tax return back or you just won at one of the few casinos that Atlantic City has left, and you’re doing okay, money-wise.  Your dad has been looking through the Home Depot catalogue and looking at the specials, wanting to do something a bit different than the regular backyard grilling experience.  Isn’t is about time you gave him a hobby that benefits the entire family and will make him the star of the next neighborhood picnic?   Damn straight it is!   Meadow Creek is a very well-known, regional welder that specializes in producing grills and smokers.   Many barbeque competitors use their products, and win!   The TS120 is a smaller model, but will certainly get the job done for just about anything except catering large groups.  It’s also got a warming box for keeping your food warm until the boys are done seeing who the kings of the horseshoe pit are.   So put the old trailer hitch on the truck, or call in a favor, and head out to Amish country to get him that gift that will make everyone jealous.

2.  Woods of the Season Club

So imagine a Jelly of the Month club… but better!!!   Keeping it Jersey, Uncle Robby’s BBQ Wood out of Elizabeth, NJ has a program where they will send you 3 boxes of various woods for each season, allowing you to try how your barbeque tastes under all types of smoke.  If your favorite local supplier only has certain types of wood, and you always wanted to experiment with something different, then here is you chance.  Comes in chunks or chips. I tried to argue that, for me, there is also corn season, apple season, strawberry season, peach season, etc., but they wouldn’t hear it.  Twelve boxes total until next Father’s Day, but he’ll be waiting by the door all year for the next shipment.

 3.   Bikini Apron

If your man is really a man, chances are he has a large collection of aprons and is proud to wear them.  Every printed stupid saying or dumb barbeque joke is fair game.  He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to making a statement while he is standing at the smoker spraying apple cider on his pork butt.  But does he have the one apron that completes the collection and that no pitmaster can do without?   The bikini apron!   Now, when it comes to this one necessity, there is no right one, because they are all awesome.   Rifle through the apron drawer and look to see if it’s there.   If not, then you know what you must do. Get onto Amazon and do a search for “bikini apron”.   Go through the many options and pick out at least one.   Many different ones are fine too.  We get into moods where one bikini doesn’t look great that day, and we like to switch to another one.  You’ll just have to deal with our moodiness and admit how good we look.

4.   BBQ Bear Paws

For over 15 years, I have been pulling chicken and pork with my hands and a fork.   So far they have done fine for me.  But if you have ever done large amounts at one time, like I have, you know how quickly this gets old.  Your muscles cramp and you end up withdownload lobster claws for hands by your twentieth pork butt.  Plus, if there is an easier way to do even one, why not do it. These plastic or metal tools shred your meat quickly and efficiently, making it so easier to prepare the people pleasers.  With practice, you’ll even be able to use them to lift and carry the meat from the smoker (without dropping it of course).  Less prep time means less fuss and more eating.  Think of all the time you’ll save that could be spent sitting in the lawn chair, with your feet in the baby pool and a beverage in your hand.   It’s a no brainer!   These can be purchased anywhere they sell barbeque equipment.

 5.    Big Max 500,000 BTU Propane Torch

Let’s face it, all barbeque enthusiasts are pyromaniacs.  It started as pre-teens in the f90ce677c45835fec7356cc7057323backyard spraying Binaca over a Bic lighter (so cool!).   Now, we still love starting fires, but it is a controlled burn; one that we harness for cooking and flavoring meat.  In comes the Big Max, a large propane torch that hooks up to a standard 20 lb. tank and lights up the coals in the firebox in no time at all.    No more using a chimney coal starter and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.   Not nearly as fun too.  Grab one of these torches for your Daddy Pitmaster and he’ll be out there starting the smoker before you can even suggest having barbeque for dinner that night.   Just watch his beer intake or else he will be recreating movie scenes with this friends.

  6.   Catfish Skinner Plyers

Unless you have prepped a lot of ribs, you’ll just have to trust me on this one.  And you might have to tell him what they are for when he unwraps the gift.  On the back of ribs, ribthere is a membrane that must be removed.  Otherwise the smoke cannot penetrate properly to that side of the meat and, when someone tries to cut or bite into the rib, they come across this tough barrier.   Getting this membrane off before cooking is a must, and the only way to do this is to dig at a corner until it separates and then pull the entire membrane off.   It takes a strong grip that eventually wears at you.  Catfish skinner plyers, normally used for pulling the skin off of catfish, are also a great tool for easily gripping the membrane as you pull.   If you eat a lot of ribs, you’ll be thankful to all of the catfish that gave their lives so that you could have this tool.   Can be found at Bass Pro or any other freshwater fishing supply store.

  7.  Operation BBQ Relief


Your dad is so kind-hearted that the only thing he wants to do is to spread joy around the world.  So how to you recognize his sense of altruism while still sticking to something close to his heart.  Operation BBQ Relief, a charity whose goal is to help feed those affected by natural disasters, was formed in 2011 by barbeque competition teams and enthusiasts. Since then, they have served over 700,000 meals in 18 states, helping those in need stay fed and healthy when everything around them had got to pots.  From their website, you can make a donation in your father’s name or buy him an Operation BBQ Relief item from the store for him to show his colors everyday.

8.  Myron Mixon Grillmaster Chef Tool

Every once in a while, someone will come up with a versatile tool that does it all, and you wondered how you ever did without it.  The Swiss army came up with a knife, the Leatherman (whoever he is) came up with a tool, and Myron Mixon came up with his Grillmaster.  This freaky looking thing can double as a murder weapon in the next horror film, or a self defense weapon for your next home intruder, or to scare your daughter’s new boyfriend, but in the meanwhile, it may be the only tool you will need to bring out to your smoker or grill.  This 8″ knife has an alien-like extrusion that doubles as a flipper.  And because Myron knows that everyone needs a beverage by his side, it has a bottle opener to boot.  I first saw the tool when Myron brought it in to his NYC interview on Roland’s Food Court on SiriusXM Radio, and it struck me as the perfect gift for the pitmaster Daddy (See Getting Sirius with Myron Mixon post).  If you Google it, you will find many places to get it, but it is also available at your local grilling store.


 9.   Artisan DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

So how much has Dad bragged that he could create a barbeque sauce that even Michael 816nMuBobhL._SX522_Jackson would want to have bathed in.   Every month?  Every week?   Every day?  Well, here is your chance to make him put up or shut up.   This barbeque sauce kit has everything for your Dr. Jekyll to make a tomato, mustard, and vinegar-based sauce that will either be the Belle of the ball, or make everyone cringe.  Sure you could gather up all of the ingredients yourself, but here they are in their own nice little package.  Just have old reliable ready in the pantry when dinner is served, and remember to smile.  Found on Amazon.

10.  ChefAlarm Digital Meat Thermometer

Ever wonder how Dad always gets the meat perfectly cooked and never gets anybody sick? Well, it’s because he knows the rules about cooking to the proper temperature.  Every type of meat has a FDA recommended temperature for proper cooking, and while some may say that they can tell if the meat is done from all the way across the yard, it simply is not true.  If you look closely, he will scan the yard to see if anyone is looking and then quietly stick his probe into the meat.  He will then slip into back into his pocket and loudly yell how more time is needed before putting out all the fixins.  Now, there is all sorts of fancy digital thermometers that that send notices to your cellphone, but that would allow Dad to do other things beside wait by the smoker with his beer.  There is no need for that!   All you need is a temperature gauge and an alarm in case you get to too much talking and exaggerating.  The ChefAlarm at ThermoWorks is perfect for that.



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